Air Quality

The Air Quality Branch regulates the importation of vehicles and other sources of industrial and domestic air pollution.

Regulation ASAC 24.05 - Air Emission Rules and Regulations

Standard Forms

NOTICE: Pursuant to Executive Order NO. 003-2013, Prohibition of Motor Vehicle Imports.
1.01: Prohibition - It shall be prohibited to import any vehicle to American Samoa that is more than 15 years old. The age of the vehicle shall be determined based on the vehicle's model year and the calendar year.


A pre-approved MVEI Form is required for any vehicle, motorcycle, and equipment prior to being shipped into the Territory from foreign countries (U.S. manufactured vehicles, motorcycles, and equipment originating from the U.S. are exempted). Failure to provide AS-EPA with a pre-approved MVEI Form for vehicle(s), motorcycle(s), or equipment(s) upon their arrival in port will result in the vehicle, motorcycle, or equipment being detained until such endorsements are met. The importer and shipping agency will be subject to all fines and costs associated with the detaining and returning of the vehicle, motorcycle, or equipment to its original port of embarkation. The American Samoa Customs and Excise Tax Office and AS-EPA Officials will enforce this requirement at the wharfs for compliance.

Processing time for submitted MVEI Form is 2-3 business days.

Alma Seu, Air Quality Branch
Ph: (684) 633-2304 ex. 255